Hello 2014!

I'll start off by saying Happy New Year! So happy that 2013 is behind me. Last year was especially hard for me, more specifically December. A numerous amount of health problems, family issues and car issues really put a damper on my holiday season. The worst was finding out my pug Waffle had pyometra, which is a uterine infection that is extremely serious and is life threatening in many cases. I only had 300 dollars saved up at the time for Christmas and the surgery was going to cost anywhere from 500-600. I was worried, scared and practically a mess. Waffle is my world, I love her as if she were my child; it killed me to see her sick and in pain. If that wasn't enough our family car broke down, and seeing as we only have that one... it made December difficult. Christmas shopping was almost impossible, but I managed! Health problems I won't get into in this post, but they were constant, one after another; didn't think I was ever going to feel "good". I still don't. The cherry on top was school, which is always stressful. Stress levels were so high I just wanted to give up, but thankfully I didn't and I actually managed to make the Dean's List again this semester. Prime lesson to never give up.
Although December was hard, I tried my best to keep my head up. For that I have to thank my incredible support system: my boyfriend, my mom and my friends. Without them I would have just gave up. They let me know that everything was going to be okay, and that helped lots. Here I am actually looking forward to 2014. I will end with my New Year Resolutions:

  • get healthy
  • livestream and make YouTube videos more often
  • don't let myself get stressed out so easily
  • do the things that make me happy no matter what others' think

Hope all of you have a wonderful New Year

Neutral Classy Cozy

So Fashion Monday! I may make that a thing. I know I suck at keeping a journal or blog updated, and this may help me when I can't think of anything else to post! Every Monday I'll post a fashion board of stuff I think might look good together! I'll try to keep it as affordable as possible as well! (:
This week I'm trying out Polyvore, but I may just use good ol' Photoshop and my friend Google in the future (polyvore can have some pricey items)

Neutral Classy Cozy

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All I want for Christmas

It's that time of year where I, like most people, love making lists of things we would love to receive for the holidays! Although I never expect anything, it can be fun to browse stores or websites in search of things that if you could, would love to have. So here are my 9 gift wishes for this Christmas (:

1. Elgato Game Capture HD - I feel like I'm the only gamer in the world without a capture card! Especially as one who loves to live stream and make Youtube videos (; I've been wanting one of these for the longest time, but can never seem to justify buying it for myself! Hehe.
2. Victoria's Secret Bling Yoga Leggings - I'm obsessed with leggings, can't seem to have enough of them (they're just so comfy)! I love love leopard print, which can sometimes come of gawdy, but the dark color of the print is perfect in my opinion. Also, the sparkly logo is a super cute addition!
3. Super Mario 3D World for Nintendo Wii U - This game just looks amazing! I'm a huge fan of Nintendo, and with the new addition of the Wii U to my gaming arsenal; I feel it's the perfect game to start off with!
4. Panda Onesie - Just OMG NEED!
5. Doctor Who Van Gogh's Exploding TARDIS - There are far too many reasons to explain why I want this. The Van Gogh episode of Doctor Who hit deep with me. 
6. LOVE PINK Perfume - I'm obsessed with anything that smells good, I have so much perfume/body mist it's ridiculous. You can never have enough girly smelling stuff tho in my opinion! (:
7. World of Warcraft Panda Zip-Up Hoodie - I love panda stuff, what can I say? :P
8. Disney Infinity 'Woody' Figure - A friend of mine convinced me to play Disney Infinity and I sort of love it. There are so many characters I want, but I've been told that Toy Story is the best starting point. (:
9. Disney Infinity Toy Story Play Set - Of course you can't have Woody without his crew :D

What's on your wishlist?