All I want for Christmas

It's that time of year where I, like most people, love making lists of things we would love to receive for the holidays! Although I never expect anything, it can be fun to browse stores or websites in search of things that if you could, would love to have. So here are my 9 gift wishes for this Christmas (:

1. Elgato Game Capture HD - I feel like I'm the only gamer in the world without a capture card! Especially as one who loves to live stream and make Youtube videos (; I've been wanting one of these for the longest time, but can never seem to justify buying it for myself! Hehe.
2. Victoria's Secret Bling Yoga Leggings - I'm obsessed with leggings, can't seem to have enough of them (they're just so comfy)! I love love leopard print, which can sometimes come of gawdy, but the dark color of the print is perfect in my opinion. Also, the sparkly logo is a super cute addition!
3. Super Mario 3D World for Nintendo Wii U - This game just looks amazing! I'm a huge fan of Nintendo, and with the new addition of the Wii U to my gaming arsenal; I feel it's the perfect game to start off with!
4. Panda Onesie - Just OMG NEED!
5. Doctor Who Van Gogh's Exploding TARDIS - There are far too many reasons to explain why I want this. The Van Gogh episode of Doctor Who hit deep with me. 
6. LOVE PINK Perfume - I'm obsessed with anything that smells good, I have so much perfume/body mist it's ridiculous. You can never have enough girly smelling stuff tho in my opinion! (:
7. World of Warcraft Panda Zip-Up Hoodie - I love panda stuff, what can I say? :P
8. Disney Infinity 'Woody' Figure - A friend of mine convinced me to play Disney Infinity and I sort of love it. There are so many characters I want, but I've been told that Toy Story is the best starting point. (:
9. Disney Infinity Toy Story Play Set - Of course you can't have Woody without his crew :D

What's on your wishlist?


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